Hydrogen - Technology of the Future

Welcome to ProH+, your partner for sustainable hydrogen solutions!


In a world moving inexorably towards renewable energy and clean technologies, hydrogen has become one of the key components for the energy transition. At ProH+, we are proud to be at the forefront of this groundbreaking development, providing innovative solutions that shape the future of energy production and mobility.


Our mission is to make environmentally friendly hydrogen technology accessible to everyone. Not only do we offer high-quality electrolysis products, but we also provide comprehensive services to help you successfully implement your hydrogen projects. Whether you are a company looking for clean hydrogen energy storage or a research institute shaping the future of the green hydrogen economy, we are here to support you.


In the following sections of our website, you can learn more about our wide range of electrolysis products, our customized solutions for hydrogen applications, and our expertise in the industry. At ProH+, we believe hydrogen plays a key role in a sustainable future, and we look forward to joining you on this exciting journey.


Enter the world of clean hydrogen and discover how we at ProH+ can help you achieve your vision of a greener future.


ProH+ offer many solutions and opportunities for the rapidly growing hydrogen market:




Benefit from our patented hydraulic cell compression with our products. 




  • Customized test solutions for PEM and AEM systems.
  • "Rental" of test benches
  • Development of PEM fuel cells
  • Development of PEM and AEM electrolyzers
  • Measurement, control and regulation design and implementation of hydrogen systems
  • Control design for fuel cell systems 


If you are interested in our services, please also visit the website of our close partner ProPuls GmbH. ProPuls GmbH has a lot of experience in this field and we are in close exchange with each other.