Our electrolysis test system offers researchers and institutes the possibility to test various active materials in a homogeneous, controllable and reproducible test environment. 


This test system utilizes our hydraulic grouting and comes with all the associated benefits (see Hydraulic Pressurization).


We offer systems for PEM as well as AEM operation, for membrane sizes of 2 cm * 2 cm and 5 cm * 5 cm. 


This system is applicable for temperatures up to 90°C, process medium pressures and gas outlet pressures from 0 to 5 bar and current densities up to 6 A/cm² (PEM operation).






Shown here is an example of an anode cell frame with the materials to be used. The cell frame is made of PEEK.




The materials are inserted individually into the cell frame. For the cathode cell frame, the materials look the same. The two cell frames are assembled (CCM or CCS) and the membrane is inserted between the cell frames.


This fully assembled cell can be inserted into the test system. The assembly of the cell takes a few moments.

We offer our electrolysis test system for any number of cells (multi-cell). The cells are supplied with process media in parallel and electrically connected in series. The cells are in the same hydraulic medium to ensure the same parameters (temperature and pressure) for all cells.


Thus, run any number of measurements in one! Below you can see a realized five-cell and measurements performed with it, the homogeneity of the measurements is clear from the small distance between the five polarization curves.


Below you will find various documents that we provide for your information on the electrolysis test system.

Flyer for the electrolysis test system
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Step file for the presentation of the test system.
Here you will find a step file for the representation of the test system. This may differ from the current version and is only intended for understanding or size comprehension. The PEEK cell frames for the active materials are not shown in this step file.
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"A novel advanced test system for polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis based on hydraulik cell compression."
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