Stacks and Testsystems

Find here an overview of our products in the area of stacks and test systems. 


ProH+ distinguishes several subcategories to which you can get more information: 


Electrolysis Test Systems: Explore our hydraulically pressed electrolysis test systems used in laboratories and industrial applications to optimize the performance and reliability of electrolysis equipment or electrolysis materials. Read more about our customized solutions and testing capabilities.


Electrolysis Stacks: Dive into the world of our state-of-the-art electrolysis stacks that convert water into hydrogen and oxygen. Learn how our innovative technologies are revolutionizing hydrogen production efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.


Electrochemical Compressors: electrochemical compressors are the latest breakthrough in the world of energy efficiency and clean technologies. These innovative devices use advanced electrochemical processes to compress gases more efficiently without harming the environment. With their breakthrough technology, electrochemical compressors enable environmentally friendly, sustainable energy generation and storage that far surpasses traditional compression methods.


Fuel cell test systems: Also based on the principle of hydraulic compression, we also offer fuel cell test systems as a counterpart to our electrolysis test systems. 


If you do not find anything suitable, please contact us and we will see if we can offer you customized solutions based on our many years of experience and know-how.